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While it happens more rapidly for some than for others there is no way to stop our skin from losing elasticity and volume as we age. This volume loss and lack of elasticity is most noticeable on the face and manifests in, among other things, saggy cheeks. Sunken, hollow cheeks are one of the tell-tale signs of age and people in all corners of the world from all walks of life have been searching for centuries for an effective way to counteract this phenomenon. Cheek enhancement in Harley Street, London at Harley Street Dermal provides one of the most effective ways yet devised.

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The Case for Non-Surgical Cheek Enhancement in Harley Street, London

When the skin in our cheeks loses its structural integrity it produces a series of cascading effects in other areas of the face, including the appearance of nasolabial folds that run from the nose to the side of the mouth and, of course, jowls. 

As the skin succumbs to time and gravity it also pulls on the tissue under the eyes, creating tear troughs and a sunken appearance there as well. It’s all incredibly vexing and until recently the only treatment offered by medical science was painful, intrusive and risky plastic surgery. Fortunately, today there’s a better way.

Dr Ria at Harley Street Dermal is one of the leading practitioners of non-surgical facial cosmetic procedures and provides proven, effective and affordable cheek enhancement for his clients that is free of the many risks and side effects associated with traditional cut-and-tuck surgery.


The Non-Surgical Solution to Sagging Cheeks

No one wants to watch as their cheeks slide further down their face with each passing year. In the past, you would have had to submit to invasive and risky surgery to try and reverse the process. Today, all you have to do is visit Harley Street Dermal in London. At Harley Street Dermal, Dr Ria employs the strategic use of dermal fillers to counteract the effects of sagging skin and restore a full, youthful appearance to the client’s cheeks. 

Whatever your overall cosmetic goal, Dr Ria will discuss your options and explain exactly how he will go about achieving the more youthful appearance you desire. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Dermal fillers may be used in strategic areas of the cheeks to reduce the sunken appearance and restore a fuller appearance which helps to gently lift your face
  • Hyaluronic acid dermal filler gel is used to create a more satisfying contour for the cheek. The effect can be more feminine or masculine depending on the client’s wishes.
  • Strategically placed fillers can prevent further age-related sagging, while at the same time reducing the prominence of nasolabial folds.
The Many Benefits of Non-Surgical Cheek Enhancement

The benefits of this innovative alternative to traditional plastic surgeons are many and include:

  • Restores a natural-looking contour and natural definition to the cheeks.
  • Eliminates hollows while adding volume to the treated area.
  • There is no downtime and the patient may resume their normal routine after treatment.
  • Eliminates the need to subject yourself to the pain and risk of invasive surgery.
  • Initial results last 6-12 months and can be quickly and easily “topped up”.
  • Typically a pain-free or virtually pain-free procedure.
  • Costs only a fraction of what invasive cosmetic surgery costs.
  • If you change your mind after having the treatment you can simply forego future top-ups and your face will return to its previous shape.
How do I know if non-surgical cheek enhancement is right for me?

If you are in generally good health and are looking for a non-invasive way to counteract sagging cheeks, non-surgical cheek enhancement at Harley Street Dermal may be just the thing.

Will the results look natural?

Yes. Dr Ria is one of the most respected and experienced practitioners of this technique and will make sure that the final results dovetail with your natural appearance.

Is non-surgical cheek enhancement painful?

Before the procedure begins, a topical anaesthesia will be applied to the target area that effectively numbs the area negating any pain.

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Client Testimonials

I had my nose and chin carefully shaped by Dr Ria, the transformation was amazing and he stayed in touch with me after my treatment to make sure I was happy with it- shows that he really cares! Thank you!

Jane W.

It was refreshing to find an aesthetic Dr who doesn't follow the 'one size fits all' approach. Will definitely be going back to Dr Ria for all my aesthetic requirements.

Lisa L.

Dr Ria was really warm and welcoming and made me feel completely confident in his skills. An amazing aesthetic doctor.

Nadia S.

Dr Ria was extremely reassuring and confident. He made me feel relaxed and comfortable and I was in good hands. He tailored my treat to my individual needs and the aftercare was second to none.

Daran P.

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