Gummy Smile Treatment in London

A gummy smile is defined as one where an excessive amount of gum tissue is visible when a person smiles. Exactly what constitutes “excessive”, however, is open to debate. What one person considers excessive someone else might find charming. Beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder. That said, if you are in search of gummy smile treatment in London make sure you find your way to Harley Street Dermal. We provide expert gummy smile treatment that will have you flashing your pearly whites at every opportunity.

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What Constitutes Gummy Smile Treatment in London?

Many of our clients tell us they had long put off getting treatment for their gummy smile because the only options they were presented with included things such as orthodontic treatments, gum surgery and even surgery to reduce the size of the jaw bone. 

With those kinds of options, it’s no wonder so many decided to simply live with their gummy smiles. The good news is that Dr. Hayder Ria at Harley Street Dermal provides a fast, safe, non-surgical treatment for gummy smile that eliminates the need to go under the knife and can be performed while you are on your lunch break from work.

Dr. Ria uses anti-wrinkle injections (consisting of Botulinum Toxin A) injected at strategic points near the nose to reduce the amount of gingivae (the scientific name for gums) visible when a person smiles. This low-impact procedure is discreet and effective and requires no recovery period, although you may have to refrain from aggressive chewing for a day or so.


What Causes Gummy Smile?

Gummy smiles have several potential causes including:

  • Teeth that are worn down by time or relatively small due to genetics
  • Abnormal development that caused the teeth to remain partially covered by the gums
  • A short upper lip, typically the result of genetics
  • A condition known as “gingival hypertrophy” which causes enlarged gums

The bottom line is that all it takes is one component of a smile (lips, teeth, jaws) being off to create a gummy smile, and in the majority of cases the cause is genetic. So if one or more of your parents had a gummy smile there is a good chance you will too.

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Client Testimonials

I had my nose and chin carefully shaped by Dr Ria, the transformation was amazing and he stayed in touch with me after my treatment to make sure I was happy with it- shows that he really cares! Thank you!

Jane W.

It was refreshing to find an aesthetic Dr who doesn't follow the 'one size fits all' approach. Will definitely be going back to Dr Ria for all my aesthetic requirements.

Lisa L.

Dr Ria was really warm and welcoming and made me feel completely confident in his skills. An amazing aesthetic doctor.

Nadia S.

Dr Ria was extremely reassuring and confident. He made me feel relaxed and comfortable and I was in good hands. He tailored my treat to my individual needs and the aftercare was second to none.

Daran P.

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