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The masseter muscle is a large muscle that sits over the angle of the jaw and its main use is to help us to chew. Unfortunately, the masseter muscle can sometimes be too strong- causing us to grind our teeth, damage our jaw joint (also known as TMJ) and even give us headaches. An overgrown masseter can also make the jaw appear wider and more square. Botulinum Toxin can be used to effectively weaken these muscles which reduces the pain and headaches caused from having an overactive muscle. Treatment can also slim the jaw and improve its overall shape. Weakening the masseter muscle doesn’t affect your ability to chew as you have other muscles that can still help with this. Dr Hayder Ria has been perfecting his masseter reduction treatments over the past 9 years with careful measurements and dosing schedules that are designed to weaken the masseter muscle in a way that provides both relief and an improved appearance of the jaw.

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Why consider Masseter Reduction treatment?

The masseter muscle can become stronger than it should be. This can be caused by things such as stress but is often genetic. Having an overactive masseter muscle can lead to issues with tooth grinding, headaches and jaw joint (TMJ) pains. Dentists often treat tooth-grinding with mouth guards but these are often ineffective and need frequent replacement. Mouth guards also only serve to protect the teeth but don’t help with headaches or protecting the jaw joint. Reducing the masseter muscle can also feminise your appearance by slimming down the jaw and making it appear more V-shape instead of square.

The masseter reduction treatment is conducted by injecting a medicine, called Botulinum Toxin, directly into the muscle. The medicine acts to relax the muscle which then in turn relieves the tooth grinding and therefore reducing headaches and damage to the jaw joint. Botulinum toxin A was known as far back as the 1970s when it was used to treat a condition of the eye muscles called “strabismus”. In the 1990s, however, it was first proposed that it could be used to provide cosmetic enhancements and other uses, including treatment of bruxism (or tooth-grinding). Since then it has been used safely and effectively on millions of people worldwide and is considered the gold standard of tooth-grinding treatment.


Why should I have my Masseter Reduction treatment at Harley Street Dermal?

  • Dr Ria is one of the leading cosmetic doctors in London, with over 20,000 treatments performed successfully over the last 9 years
  • We focus on producing results that look as natural as possible, working hard to break the stereotypes of ‘fake’ results that can often be seen online or on social media
  • We use only the highest quality products that focus on delivering results with safety as a top priority
  • We use the most advanced dosing measurements to produce the best and longest lasting results while using extremely small needles for minimal swelling and bruising. Mastery of these techniques is only possible after performing thousands upon thousands of treatments across a variety of different people with different needs. This gives us the breadth of experience to treat almost any issue with confidence and accuracy.
  • We have a proven track-record- just have a look at our many before/after images that showcase only a small selection of our brilliant work over the years
  • Our reviews speak for themselves- with over 500 5-star Google reviews, it’s not difficult to imagine that patient satisfaction is our top priority
  • Our prices are competitive and reasonable. We are much more affordable than most other clinics for the uncompromising high quality results that we deliver at such a prestigious location
  • We are based at a beautiful first-class clinic at the world-renowned Harley Street, located at the heart of London
  • We care that you care- Dr Ria is easily and directly contactable by anyone after treatment to ensure that you are recovering safely and with the results you want. This includes reviewing treatment where necessary.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits of Masseter Reduction Treatment?
  • Masseter reduction is extremely effective at reducing tooth-grinding thereby protecting your teeth. It also reduces the headaches and jaw joint pains associated with having an overactive masseter muscle
  • Masseter reduction also helps to slim the appearance of the jaw, making it appear smaller and more feminine
  • The results look completely natural and most people won’t look like they had treatment by the time the treatment settles
  • The treatment usually takes around 10 minutes so it’s easy to fit in between other commitments
  • There is usually minimal downtime and you can usually resume your normal routine immediately after treatment.
  • Results usually last around 4-6 months

There’s no long-term commitment- in the event that you feel the treatment is not for you, the treatment can be left to disappear over time.

How do I know if Masseter Reduction Treatment is right for me?

The answer to this is quite simple- if you grind your teeth or get headaches or jaw pain from clenching all the time and want to treat this effectively at an affordable price, with minimal down time and without the hassle and expense of surgery, then masseter reduction treatment using botulinum toxin could be the right solution for you.

Will the results look natural?

Absolutely. Dr Ria is one of the most respected and experienced practitioners for cosmetic injectables in London with over 20,000 treatments performed successfully over the last 9 years. His focus is on enhancing your appearance in a way that doesn’t draw the wrong type of attention to yourself.

Is Masseter Reduction treatment painful?

Weirdly, no! Dr Ria usually uses a careful and delicate injection technique using the smallest possible needles which are often only minimally uncomfortable and most people tolerate the procedure without any issue and minimal pain.

What should I expect on the day?

Dr Ria would usually welcome you and start with a detailed consultation. This would include discussing any previous treatments you’ve had, what your understanding of the treatment is and exploring your goals and expectations. He will also discuss the nature of the injecting procedure and related risks. If you are agreeable, Dr Ria will then usually conduct the treatment by first taking a pre-treatment photo while you complete the necessary medical and consent forms. After the treatment is complete, the treatment area is cleaned and then a post-treatment photo is usually taken for comparison purposes. Dr Ria will then explain any relevant aftercare and offer you information on how to contact him for questions or any follow-up you might require. Dr Ria is always contactable directly by his clients for any clinical queries by email (***hyperlink this to open an email)***)

What should I expect afterwards?

There will usually be some redness and swelling in the injected areas. Usually this is mild/minimal and often doesn’t last for more than an hour!

Are there any precautions I should take beforehand or afterwards?

We usually advise that you refrain from drinking any alcohol for 48 hours before your treatment as this could increase your chances of bruising. Other than that, there’s not much you need to do in preparation for the treatment. We do not advise stopping any medication before your treatment.

Is there any follow-up after the procedure?

We don’t routinely follow up everyone after their treatment. The vast majority of people get the results they are looking for in just one treatment session. However, in certain cases some people will need more treatment to get their desired results and may need to come back for a top-up. If you ever feel the need to be reviewed after your treatment for whatever reason then Dr Ria is always happy to offer this free of charge.

Can I see examples of your work?

Absolutely, have a look below at some of the treatments we’ve done over the years. You can also see more examples of our work and videos explaining treatments on our Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok pages.

Some of our Masseter Reduction Treatments

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