Nose Reshaping for Women

Many women are displeased with the size or shape of their nose, feeling it undermines or overwhelms their other facial features. But until recently they had only 2 realistic options: either accept their nose the way it is or undergo painful and expensive plastic surgery with weeks of recovery and uncertain outcomes. Today, thankfully, there is a better way. Non-invasive nose reshaping for women by Dr Hayder Ria at Harley Street Dermal is a more sophisticated, cheaper and safer approach to cosmetic nose reshaping.

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Nose Reshaping for Women at Harley Street Dermal

Dr Ria founded Harley Street Dermal in order to provide people with a practical, effective and safe alternative to invasive surgical procedures. Dr Ria is a recognised expert in the field of non-surgical cosmetic enhancements and can endow your nose with a more pleasing shape in only 15 minutes. By injecting dermal fillers into strategic areas of the nose, Dr Ria is able to produce results that complement rather than overwhelm other features of your face, such as your eyes, cheeks, chin and lips.


Why Women Come to Harley Street Dermal for Nose Reshaping

Women tend to be more conscious of their appearance than men, and for that reason, they are more likely than men to seek out nose reshaping for purely cosmetic reasons. But whether you come to Harley Street Dermal for purely aesthetic reasons or you have a more practical reason for seeking nose reshaping you can expect your visit to proceed in the following manner:

  • You will be greeted by our highly-trained staff and made to feel at ease.
  • The entire process will be explained to you by Dr Ria prior to treatment which includes a full assessment of your treatment needs
  • You will have a chance to ask any questions or raise any concerns.
  • The entire process will take about 30 minutes, sometimes less.
  • Following the procedure, you will be able to resume your normal routine.

    Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping: The Smart Choice

    Those who choose to undergo cosmetic nose surgery can expect weeks of painful recovery. Worse yet, there is no guarantee the reshaped nose will resemble what the woman envisioned before going under the knife. By comparison, those who opt for non-surgical nose reshaping for women at Harley Street Dermal will be able to immediately resume their normal routine. In addition,the treatment is safer, cheaper and completely reversible, unlike surgery. To book an appointment with Dr Ria call/Whatsapp 020 3983 2058, or email

    Client Testimonials

    I had my nose and chin carefully shaped by Dr Ria, the transformation was amazing and he stayed in touch with me after my treatment to make sure I was happy with it- shows that he really cares! Thank you!

    Jane W.

    It was refreshing to find an aesthetic Dr who doesn't follow the 'one size fits all' approach. Will definitely be going back to Dr Ria for all my aesthetic requirements.

    Lisa L.

    Dr Ria was really warm and welcoming and made me feel completely confident in his skills. An amazing aesthetic doctor.

    Nadia S.

    Dr Ria was extremely reassuring and confident. He made me feel relaxed and comfortable and I was in good hands. He tailored my treat to my individual needs and the aftercare was second to none.

    Daran P.

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