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As we mature, our skin loses a certain amount of its elasticity and plumpness, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles and other obvious signs of ageing. Until fairly recently, the only medical solution was invasive cosmetic surgery, often with variable results. Now, however, men and women in London can choose to undergo non-invasive cosmetic procedures that significantly reduce the signs of ageing. At Harley Street Dermal, we offer a range of highly-effective skin boosting treatments (Profhilo), none of which require any downtime after the procedures have been completed. Because our treatments do not involve invasive surgery, you can go straight back to your normal daily life after leaving the clinic.

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How Do Our Skin Boosting Treatments Work?

They may appear to work as if by magic but our skin boosting treatments are actually very practical and relatively easy to understand. Using the highest quality injectables, treatments such as Profhilo replace the hyaluronic acid that our bodies lose over time. It is this substance, which is found naturally in the skin, that retains much of the moisture under our skin, helping us to maintain a youthful appearance. By replacing lost hyaluronic acid, our skin boosting treatments enable your body to retain more subcutaneous water, resulting in a moister, firmer, younger and fresher-looking complexion.

Lots of people use topically applied moisturisers to hydrate their skin. However, our skin is over 99% water-proof, makin most moisturis minimally effective. Our skin booster treatments involve injecting past the water-proof barrier of the skin making the hydration effect much much more effective than any creams.

In addition to promoting hydration under the skin, hyaluronic acid also promotes the production of collagen and elastin by your body, both of which will not only make your skin look healthier but actually make it healthier on a cellular level as well.


What to Expect When Undergoing Skin Boosting Treatments (Profhilo)

If this will be your very first time, you will be relieved to learn that skin boosting treatments generally involve very little discomfort and can be completed in around 15 minutes. What makes them even more attractive to busy men and women in London is the fact they do not require you to take time off work or to hide away at home while you recover. As mentioned earlier, there is no need for any downtime when you book a skin boosting treatment: once your treatment is finished, you can go straight back to the office, meet some friends for lunch or do whatever else it is that you planned to do on that day.

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    Client Testimonials

    I had my nose and chin carefully shaped by Dr Ria, the transformation was amazing and he stayed in touch with me after my treatment to make sure I was happy with it- shows that he really cares! Thank you!

    Jane W.

    It was refreshing to find an aesthetic Dr who doesn't follow the 'one size fits all' approach. Will definitely be going back to Dr Ria for all my aesthetic requirements.

    Lisa L.

    Dr Ria was really warm and welcoming and made me feel completely confident in his skills. An amazing aesthetic doctor.

    Nadia S.

    Dr Ria was extremely reassuring and confident. He made me feel relaxed and comfortable and I was in good hands. He tailored my treat to my individual needs and the aftercare was second to none.

    Daran P.

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