what is cheek enhancement?
Dermal fillers can be used to enhance the cheeks in different ways. They can be used to add volume to the cheeks or add definition to the cheekbones for a slimming effect. They can be used to masculine or feminise your face depending on the look you want. Here’s some more information on cheek enhancement:

  • Dermal filler in the cheeks can be used to restore volume in the areas under the eyes to reduce hollowness and restore a more lifted appearance overall
  • Dermal filler in the cheeks can create a ‘contoured’ effect which can make your face appear more defined and even slimmer or more feminine/masculine (depending on how the filler is applied)
  • Cheek enhancement can be done using needle or microcannula techniques, depending on the desired outcome
  • Usually a very safe treatment with minimum discomfort
  • Cheek dermal filler is often considered to be a ‘core’ treatment as it can provide an ‘anchor’ effect to prevent the face from sagging due to the effects of ageing
  • Some people have fat pockets (called ‘Festoons’) which develop in the cheek because of selective volume loss- cheek enhancement is ideal to get rid of these!
  • Some swelling is common and this can take only a few days to settle
  • There is usually no downtime and most people can carry on their day as usual after the treatment
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