What is Chin Enhancement?

Dermal filler can be used to sculpt the chin & jawline to enhance definition, add volume for shape or even blend out hanging skin (also known as ‘jowls’) which can develop as we age. Dermal fillers in this area can also help to prevent the effects of aging by providing extra support. Here’s some more info you might find helpful:

  • Chin and jawline fillers can be applied using a combination of needle and microcannula techniques for the best natural-looking results
  • Anaesthetic is usually applied in the form of numbing cream before the treatment to make the treatment less uncomfortable
  • The effects of chin & jawline enhancement can last up to a year, sometimes longer depending on the product used
  • There is usually little bruising but swelling can be present for the first few days
  • There is no downtime and most people can carry on their day as usual after the treatment
  • The treatment can be applied in different ways to masculinise or feminise the face depending on your treatment needs
  • This treatment can be combined with other treatments (such as cheek enhancement) for better overall results
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