What is Non Surgical Rhinoplasty?
Most people wouldn’t think that you could make your nose look straighter, smaller or lifted using dermal filler- after all, adding filler should make your nose look bigger, right? Wrong! Here’s some info you might find interesting!

  • Dermal filler can be injected using Dr Ria’s 4-point injection technique to straighten out humps, indentations and even sharpen or lift the tip of your nose
  • The treatment is usually very safe thanks to certain injection techniques that minimise risk as well as our intimate knowledge of facial anatomy, so we know we only inject in areas that are safe to do so
  • Some swelling is common and this usually only takes a few days to settle
  • There is usually minimal discomfort, thanks to effective topical anaesthetic which works really well around the nose
  • Results lasts around 6-12 months, although this could be made longer if the treatment is conducted in stages
  • Its important to avoid wearing glasses for the first few weeks to allow the dermal filler to ‘set’ properly
  • The non-surgical rhinoplasty is much cheaper and much safer than a surgical nose job
  • There is usually no downtime and most people can carry on their day as usual after the treatment
  • This treatment is often combined with chin enhancement for ‘profile balancing’ (this is when the nose is balanced from the side by enhancing the chin)
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