This is one of our favorite treatments! The non-surgical facelift is exactly as it says, it’s a facelift without surgery, using dermal filler instead. It’s much safer, much less bruising, and much, much cheaper than a surgical facelift. Here’s some more information on the non-surgical facelift you might find interesting:


  • The non-surgical facelift involves a combination of multiple dermal filler treatments to achieve one goal- lifting your face!
  • List of treatments includes cheek enhancement, chin & jawline enhancement to reduce jowls, deep line filling (such as smile lines, lines around the mouth or mouth corner lines) as well as under-eye rejuvenation, lip plumping and even nose reshaping all using dermal filler
  • The combination of different dermal filler treatment achieves a ‘harmonisation’ which allows the whole face to look more youthful and refreshed while looking as natural as possible.
  • The treatment usually needs a minimum of 4ml of dermal filler.
    We specialise in keeping the results looking as natural as possible without looking over-the- top or over-filled. Look refreshed but keep people guessing!
  • Some swelling is common and this can take only a few days to settle
  • There is usually no downtime and most people can carry on their day as usual after the treatment
  • The non-surgical facelift is much cheaper and much safer than surgical treatments
  • Treatments usually last around a year, but results often last longer if maintained with small
    ‘top-ups’ of dermal filler when needed
  • We offer packages for non-surgical facelift treatments depending on how many mls of dermal filler you need

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